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Stability and Optimum Polymerized Condition of Polysiloxane-Polyacrylate Core/Shell Polymer Ge, Chengyue; Wu, Yumin; Xu, Jun
Vertical structure and evolution of the Luzon Warm Eddy Chen Gengxin; Hou Yijun; Chu Xiaoqing; Qi Peng
A new method for the estimation of oceanic mixed-layer depth using shipboard X-band radar images Lue Haibin; He Yijun; Shen Hui; Cui Limin; Dou Chang'e
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Comparison of nonlinear and linear PCA on surface wind, surface height, and SST in the South China Sea Chen Haiying; Yin Baoshu; Fang Guohong; Wang Yonggang
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Elastic properties of spherically anisotropic piezoelectric composites Wei En-Bo; Gu Guo-Qing; Poon Ying-Ming
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A panel of genic single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers for the Pacific abalone, Haliotis discus hannai Zhang, Zhen; Zhan, Aibin; Liu, Xiao
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